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Enterprise Messaging & Bulk SMS

Our Enterprise Messaging & Bulk SMS platform which allow our users to send all kind of communication messages through its world class architecture which integrates with corporate’s existing IT infrastructure like ERP, CRM or other bequest applications Mobile messaging is the medium which gives you quick & fast way to reach your prospects, to promote your business, to tell about your offerings, to aware that you are available in the market.

Enterprise Messaging has been divided in to two categories - Promotional & Transactional.

Promotional SMS’s can be sent to mass of the people to promote your product & services by using Bulk SMS. The feature are like bulk upload, create templates, create phonebook, schedule messages, access delivery reports, and import text file & excel files.

Transactional SMS’s can be used send the information to the customers, It has unique features where SMS will be send by sender name (Brand Name), 24/7 live services & it can be send to DND numbers to opt - in data.

Reports for SMS:

BM’s its own SMSC, where operators pipe are connected and SMSC is fetching the report from operators in real time and its showing in our software at the same time. You can download the reports in PDF or XLS format. Reports carry the below fields: Date & Time/Transaction ID along with Numbers/Submit time & Delivery time/Delivery status with reason/Seconds wise delivery reports/Live Automatic Mobile Number scrubing/Graphic wise reports/Sender ID wise reports

Do Not Disturb (DND) & Non DND:

There are number of mobile users who dont want to receive the promotional content on their numbers are registering themselves with Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)/ Operators to stop the promotional content on their numbers, they known as DND numbers rest are NON-DND numbers.

If you haven't heard of these terms yet, they're the standard terms used to describe different marketing scenarios and the appropriate actions a consumer can take to opt-in (take part in a specific campaign) and opt-out (stop participating). BrandMaster's SMS Service implements all these mechanisms for you, off-the-shelf. You only need to select the one that matches your marketing scenario, based on the country you're in and the regulations and constraints in place, and apply it to your Mobile Marketing Campaign.